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On-Ramp Sessions at CrossFit Swashbuckle

Present this offer and receive training in the fundamental movements of CrossFit for $45. These sessions are designed to integrate you successfully into a class!

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Expires April 20, 2018

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CrossFit Swashbuckle

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About This Business

At CrossFit Swashbuckle, we are the home a community of athletes both men and women of all ages, with a variety of athletic and non-athletic backgrounds. With a passion to teach you sound techniques, our experienced and professional staff will help you achieve the results you are looking for! Train and be coached by our dedicated and knowledgeable instructors. We not only love to coach our community, we also love to get down and wod with our members. Our classes are designed for all different levels, and have a lot of variety, so you and your body won’t become bored with repetitive workouts. You can expect measurable results from CrossFit Swashbuckle over time, along with increased performance in your everyday life or sport!



    Justin and I have experienced half our lives together and could not have achieved the level of success we acquired without each other’s support.

    We both had struggled with obesity for many years. It didn’t help that our family suffers from obesity genetically. I first started my journey with my sister at the end of 2005. We realized we were at a point in our lives where enough was enough. We set a goal to walk/run everyday, make wise food choices, as well as eliminate sodas and fried food. At this point, I tipped the scale at about the 250-260 pound range. Months of this routine finally sparked results. I continued with this regime until Justin & I got married in 2007 and by that time I had lost 70.

    Setting the scene on wedding day and how our family genetics were evident: We wed March 24, 2007. My father weighed 530 pounds and barely physically made it walking me down the aisle. Justin’s father was suffering with heart disease at 20% functional capacity. He had suffered two heart attacks, both at the age of 39. Witnessing these living examples amongst us, and how we may very well be on the same path of destruction, we began the journey now as a couple to get healthier in November 2010.

    We were a young 28 years old. Justin tipped the scale at 300 pounds and at this time I was 4 months postpartum with our second child. Relatives who were in the same path of destruction, heavily encouraged us as we began the journey together. We started on a diet pill/fat burner called Oxyelite. In addition, we consumed a protein shake for two of our 3 meals a day, with the third meal consisting of healthy ingredients.

    The first week blew our minds as we witnessed the weight literally “fall” off our bodies. This spurred on a new and positive outlook of “we can really do this!” We kept this routine for the next year and a half. Justin lost 100+ pounds and I lost another 50+. We discontinued the use of Oxyelite in 2013 due to a recall which claimed that overconsumption of Oxyelite could lead to death.

    In 2013, Justin & I both lost our father’s 4 days apart. Becoming healthy was no longer a choice, it became the ONLY option.

    We have come very far. Many people don’t believe we did it on our own. We have two small children and we want to lead by example and instill in them how important it is to be healthy. This was something we didn’t care about or even think about when we were young.

    I decided to try a Groupon for a three-month membership to a CrossFit gym. I was instantly in love! I discovered a passion for this sport I didn’t know I possessed. CrossFit created a new addiction and I gained a confidence and competitiveness I had never had before. I could see it transforming my life for the better.

    I was doing things I never thought I was capable of. Justin saw both the mental and physical changes CrossFit was doing to me and finally, after a year and a half of standing on the sidelines, he was ready to join me. Needless to say, he was hooked instantly.
    In late October 2014 we decided to join CrossFit Swashbuckle, by far the best decision we have made for our health. Our health is the most important aspect of our lives, and while the workouts keep us coming back daily, it’s the community environment and comradery that keep us here. We are all friends. We push each other and we shed blood, sweat and tears with these people. It is far more than a workout because the comradery and morale is just as important mentally for us as the workout is physically. We are grateful to be a part of this community.


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