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Purchase Dog wraps by the case and receive 15% off -When you call us to place an order over the phone. Mention this coupon for 15% off at the time of order.

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Expires July 21, 2018

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Wiki Wags - Disposables (Male Dog Diaper Wraps & P-Pads)

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780 Lake Shadow
Lavon, TX, 75166
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About This Business

If you are one of the thousands of pet owner's dealing with a territorial male "marker" - tried other dog diapers or belly bands only to discover what we did too  (they just don't work for the males) ...then you need Wiki Wags® brand Disposable Male Dog Wraps. You may have asked, what is a belly band and discovered that Wiki Wags® brand Disposable Male Dog Wraps are your only fully "Disposable" belly band to give you the satifaction you're looking for in a sanitary wrap... it is the best in a dog diaper wrap. Wiki Wags® brand Disposable Male Dog Wraps are comfortably made and they actually wick urine away from the body. Wiki Wags® brand Disposable Male Dog Wraps have re-adjustable tabs and are extremely efficient. No more hassles with ruined carpets, furniture, drapery, walls, kid's toys, or whatever the target may be - the answer to the male dog diaper is here. Does not cause rashes or infections either.


And now, try our brand of "Super-Wik" piddle pads with odor control. They are a superior pad with over twice the absorbency of most which means you will need far less pads. They actually wick the urine at the edges so less chance of the urine ending up under the pad. Amazingly effective! See for yourself TODAY...


Call us today to place your order or visit us online for more information on where you can purchase Wiki Wags® brand Disposables!


  • "[...] It is a relief to go to the other room without a cute little spot to clean up. I was beside myself until I found these. There is nothing on the market that is like them. They are neat, comfortable and my dogs wait for you to put them on. [...]"      - Linda D.

  • "This is an amazing product, and it had made my life so much easier! I can now travel with my two male Chihuahuas to friends houses and go on vacation with them without worry that they will mark or destroy anything. I wish I had found this wonderful product much sooner. Also, the quality is well made, and they are very durable and I love the wipes that come in each package. Thank you for inventing such a great product!"       - Melissa B.

  • "Please know what a difference your product has made in my life and my dog's life.  Zooey is almost 16 and has trouble holding his urine.  I was coming home finding puddles of pee everywhere in the house, and I know how bad he felt - he knows not to go in the house.  We were also up every night in the middle of the night, cleaning up his bed from accidents.  It was hard and sad for us.


    This product has made our lives easy again.  He knows to still ask to go outside, but I can see the security he feels when he has to go and cannot make it in time.  He is able to use a pad and then go back to sleep - he doesn't feel wet and he isn't uncomfortable.  These things also do not leak at all - I had to use another brand this week while I waited for my order to arrive, and they leaked 50% of the time and could not hold as much liquid.  Your pad area is wider, giving more room for the liquid and less chance of any leaks.  The tabs are amazing, since I take it off and put it back on 6-7 times before it is used and still sticks!  


    Please feel free to post my thoughts on your website.  I would love to advocate for your product.  It is the best on the market for male dogs, and I cannot tell you enough how much I appreciate them and how they have improved our lives.  My old dog is feeling good again! "

       - Jen C.



  • "Thank you so much Linda for all your help today. Wiki Wags is a wonderful product and I am so glad my sister found them for me about 8 months ago. They are GREAT!!!!"

         - Shannon C, NC


  • "Disposable Male Dog Wraps" Retail/Wholesale
  • Wiki Wags Brand Piddle Pads - "Super Wiks" Retail/Wholesale


  • SUMMER SPECIAL - Super Wik piddle pads now on sale! 50ct for only $24.95 (Reg price: $32.95)

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Recipient of the 2014 Family Choice Award

In honor of the Wiki Wags brand "Disposable Male Dog Wraps" for the Pet Products category. 

 Best of Lavon 2013

In recognition of Chihuahuas Wee Love.com AKC breeder and Entrepreneur. Also, a featured member of Women In The Pet Industy (WIPIN)

 NAPW   Woman of the Year 2011-12    

Excellence and dedication within the pet profession both for her Chihuahuas Wee Love and her Inventor/Manager of Wiki Wags.


Entrepreneur and Inventor of the Year 2011-12CWW - Donad Trump Jr

Awaded and officially procaimed this position for representing Dog Breeding and Pet Services.

 Book Recognition - "One Simple Idea for Startups & Entrepreneurs"Author Stephen Key 


November 2012

It is a definite honor to be part of such a motivational and informative book, knowing that others are inspired to research before leaping into this open arena. Having a thoughtful plan and a forthright path to follow when starting out is such a critical step. This is one book I strongly support and am very proud to be a featured role. If one is considering becoming a design or product developer, this dynamic book has the answers you will need to...more

 Magazine FeatureSpring Third Edition 2013 "Pro-Files" Magazine

Linda Jangula is a featured Entrepreneur in "Pro-Files" Magazine, Third Edition 2013 for her professional skills and entrepreneurship in developing her company, "Jalyn Enterprise LLC dba Wiki Wags and as owner of "Chihuahuas Wee Love".With a passion and devotion to the pets and the industry itself, Linda has made a breakthrough in developing products that will withstand today as well as tomorrow's advancing pet market.

 Additional Honors & Awards

Multiple Website Awards, Ethical Chihuahua Breeder Award

 Featured Member

Women in the Pet Industry Network (WIPIN)


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