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  • What's in Your WATER? Free Home Water Test

    What's in your water? When was the last time you had it tested? Set up a free home water test today to give you the confidence about what your family is bathing in or to get more information about any issues you may have. Recently there has been a growing concern about water quality in this area and for a limited time only, we are offering free water tests to home owners in your area to help us collect data on your water right from your kitchen sink. Our pleasant and professional technicians will be able to give you all the information right on the spot as well as answer any questions you might have. Best of all, you will receive a special gift for your help with our water awareness program. Water tests are by appointment only, completely free of charge, and no obligation except that all homeowners be present when the technician comes by your home. Click on the banner now to select which gift works best for your family. Protect your home and family, and sleep better knowing more information about the water in your home.

    Water Awareness Program

    Colleyville, TX 76034

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